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Rejuvenation at Maa Kaamal Dham, Vyara

Panchgavya based naturopathy treatment at our center is a state of the art therapy provided by an expert in a very systematic way. Especially, while dealing with chronic diseases like cancer, the patient must stay under observation while undergoing the treatments and has to follow the strict discipline of daily routine, diet and medications which are only possible by staying in the center only.

Furthermore, a relative of the patient is being provided training to serve the patient, preparing herbs, procedures etc which will be continued at home after the discharge. (Respite care)

The most important thing why a patient has to be admitted is, the patient receives fresh herbs here which are over 20 times more powerful than the packaged products of dried herbs. Hence, we assure a very speedy recovery.

Packages :

  • Includes meals and procedures as per doctor’s prescription.
  • Excludes medicines and on-demand Rejuvenation procedures.
  1. Basic Detox – 7 days
    Rs. 21,000 /- Non AC
    Rs. 23,500 /- AC
  2. Basic Rehab – 14 days
    Rs. 40,000 /- Non AC
    Rs. 45,000 /- AC
  3. Comprehensive care – 21 days
    Rs. 60,000 /- Non AC
    Rs. 66,000 /- AC

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