अपनी मातृभाषा में पढ़ने के लिए भाषा चुनें।

Our Team

dr yogendra

Onco – Naturopath Dr Anilkesar

Dr Anilkesar pursued his Doctor in Naturopathy (1998) and Post Diploma in  Management (2010). He has plenty of experience providing health training to the community through various methods. He is a philosopher, writer, motivator and renowned name in Panchgavya-based cancer treatment.

Dr Anilkesar Gohil entered the voluntary sector 22 years ago. He is a pioneer of “Maa Kaamal Foundation”,  the NGO working for women’s empowerment and promotion of holistic medicine.

dr yogendra

 Naturopath Dr Yogendra Gohil

Dr Yogendra Gohil has experience of almost a decade of practising naturopathy, Cowpathy and Ayurveda. He is a DNYS from Bhavnagar University. He is delivering his services in Maa Kaamal Cancer Care and Research since 2015.

Amulbhai photo - Copy - Copy

Nadi Vaidya Amul Virani

Shree Amul Virani is a traditional Vaidya who uses ancient pulse diagnosis in his practice. There are more than 72,000 nadis in our body in which prana flows. The whole concept of his practice is centred on this prana energy which is directly connected with cosmic energy. He is prescribing Panchgavya-based Ayurveda medicine.

He is a founder of Vedant Pharma which is a panchgavya-based medicine manufacturing unit located at Palitana, Gujarat. He is practising cowpathy for over 2 decades. He is a panel naturopath of  Maa Kaamal Cancer Care & Research.

Dr Dhruv Virani

Naturopath Dr Dhruv Virani

Dhruv Virani is a general Cowpathy practitioner. He completed his DNYS in the year 2018. He is a panel naturopath of  Maa Kaamal Cancer Care & Research.

Shree Ajay Bariya - Yoga Therapist

Shree Ajay Bariya

Shree Ajay Bariya is a Professional Yoga Therapist. Has experience of almost more than 5 years in Shastrokt Yogic Science. He completed his D.Y.ed at Bhavnagar University. He has a deep knowledge of Prana Urja. Based on the yogic practice he works on Chronic Diseases.