Cancer Care with assured results

Dr. Anilkesar Gohil’s Maa Kaamal Cancer Care and Research is is a state of the art Panchgavya based Naturopathy center with the primary objective to provide effective treatments to cancer patients so they can come out from the miserable life due to the disease and can enjoy a quality life.

Established in 2010, Earlier hospital was located at Surat which has been shifted in 2018 to the lap of mother nature at  ” Maa Kaamal Dham, Vyara “

Cancer care at Maa Kaamal is scientific concept of integrated Modern Medicine mainly focusing on Holistic Panchgavya – Ayurveda Therapy for various types of Cancer. Dr. Anilkesar Gohil, mukhya chikitsak of the unit is Onco – naturopath having experience treating thousands of patients.

During his stay at Maa Kaamal Dham, Vyara cancer patient will learn to propel cancer from the body through various detoxification means like pranayam, diet modification and consumption of Panchagavya anticancer Ayurvedic herbs.