Cow Elixir Kills Cancer Cells

Cow Elixir is known as the Natural Chemo as its effect is mostly equivalent to chemotherapy. It has no side effects which make it a more reliable, more comfortable and more cost-effective option compared to chemo or radiotherapy.

Cow urine is used for therapeutic purposes in traditional Indian medicine since ancient ages. Cow urine alone or along with other components (Panchgavya) is a very effective treatment for most chronic diseases like Cancer.

Maa Kaamal Hospital research team has discovered special preparation to fight against cancer, The preparation is known as “Cow Elixir” which contains multiple anti-cancer herbs processed with cow urine. The preparation is found very effective to suppress the growth of cancer tissues and hence cancer stops spreading up to the maximum extent. Further, ” Cow Elixir ” is excellent preparation to prevent the recurrence of cancer.

Effect of ” Cow Elixir ” defers on the basis of overall prognosis of the cancer patient. There are multiple factors like stage of the disease, type of cancer, approach of the patient towards life, willpower, up to which extent other medicine improved or deteriorated the condition etc.

In stage IV cancers, Cow Elixir is considered as best “Palliative care” which may not be able to add days in remaining life but surely will add life in days.

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