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Cancerhope Mission

The Cancerhope Mission is implemented to spread awareness in the community.

Panchgavya based treatment

The base of the treatment at MKCCR is PAN (Panchgavya, Ayurveda and Naturopathy )
This miraculous therapy prevents the uncontrolled growth of cancerous cells, and further damage is stopped. Panchgavya-based Cow-Elixir medicines, an Antioxidant diet and Anti-cancer herbs are used to heal the patient.

The objective

The motive of this therapy is to improve the patient’s quality of life. Based on the stage and type of cancer as well as physical, mental, social, and emotional dimensions following objectives are set to help the patient.

  • Recovery – Curative
  • Relief – Palliative
  • Rehabilitation – Supportive

Dimensions :

Here, the treatment is holistic. Holistic means “Overall”. This treatment method deals with Soul, Mind, Emotions and finally Body. This method is the best non-invasive treatment, helping patients to recover from the disease.
At MKCCR, the line of treatment is known as PRACHIN Chikitsa, which Dr Anilkesar Gohil designed based on his experience dealing with thousands of cancer victims.

  • Panchgavya
  • Rehabilitation
  • Ayurveda
  • Cosmic Healing
  • Herbs
  • Insight healing
  • Naturopathy and Yoga


Advantages :

Following are some of the major advantages of availing of cancer care at MKCCR. The treatment is designed in such a way that …

  • It naturally repairs cancer cells and stops further spreading.
  • It has no severe side effects.
  • It is an affordable treatment.
  • The chances of recurrence of cancer reduce to a great extent.
  • It is 100% natural & scientifically designed cancer therapy

Dr Anilkesar’s PRACHIN Chikitsa Vs. Traditional Modern  Treatment

Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and surgical removal of cancer tumours are common allopathic treatments of cancer that are definitely very effective in the modern practice of medical science. Still, there are the following limitations of these therapies.

  • Treatment costs are very high and are unaffordable to the average Indian.
  • Severe side effects.
  • Very high possibility of recurrence (Regeneration of Cancer)
  • Treatment of cancer leads to a new form of cancer in future

Due to these limitations, the Holistic Panchgavya Cancer Treatment has the edge over allopathic treatment.

The Cancerhope Mission is implemented to spread awareness in the community.

At MKCCR cancer rehabilitation and palliative care is provided. The treatment is based on Panchgavya and Naturopathy.
You should continue your allopathy treatment, we will taper down. It is also advisable that if you are going under radiation or chemo sessions, you should start our treatment after completing those sessions.
You may fill out the online consultation form on this website's home page. The appointment may be for online consultation or to attend OPD at MKCCR, Vyara.
The MKCCR is a palliative care and rehabilitation center. You may expect excellent results in improving the quality of life. We do claim recovery not cure.
It varies case by case based on the patient's clinical need.
In such cases, on the video consultation, our doctor will prescribe some relief medicines and procedures.
Panchgavya is considered an Elixir to the life of the dying patient. As an integrative modern medicine, one should get benefited from the Panchgavya.
Till surgical removal is possible, one should always go for it. Although Cow Elixir® facilitates tumour reduction it should be used as a supportive treatment to modern therapies like chemotherapy. In the case where allopathy fails, as palliative care, Cow Elixir® is excellent.
Results vary case by case based on the stage, severity, type, spreading speed, mental status etc. Your patient will not be 100% cured but will be 100% benefited from this supportive treatment.
The treatment designed at the MKCCR is a prescription stating changes in lifestyle and hence it is to be implemented for a lifetime. Although, Cow elixir® herbs will taper off based on recovery
Generally, a patient experiences a "healing crisis" in 3 to 4 days, and then the patient starts feeling well.
A healing crisis is a condition where few symptoms like diarrhoea, mild fever, itching, or uneasiness may appear which indicates that detoxification activity has been started in the body. In a day or two, it disappears and you will observe a remarkable recovery than after.
As mentioned earlier, with the use of Ayurveda herbs, diet modification and some naturopathy procedures we will be able to reduce discomfort, pain and severity of cancer complications.
The Cow Elixir is a customized preparation of Panch gavya-based herbal products which serve as a natural chemo for the cancer patient. It is not a single medicine, it's a combination of various herbs in various forms like powder, ark, tablets, drops etc.
If the patient is vitally stable then it is always advisable to admit to the MKCCR so that under direct observation of hospital staff patient will be able to get the maximum possible results. Relatives of the patient will get systematic training to manage the patient at home after discharge.
Based on the cancer type, stage and condition of the patient, the cost of Cow Elixir herbs varies. Indoor treatment cost remains between Rs. 21,000 to Rs. 35,000 for a session of a week.
There are multiple abstains in food and lifestyle. If the patient is ready to follow them with dedication and discipline then only we can help to achieve desired results.
અમારી હોસ્પિટલ સોમવારથી શુક્રવાર સવારના 9:00 થી સાંજના 5:00 સુધી ચાલુ હોય છે એટલે જયારે પણ આવો ત્યારે અગાઉથી એપોઇન્ટમેન્ટ લઈને આ સમય દરમ્યાન આવી શકો છો. શનિવાર અને રવિવાર બંધ હોય છે.
ના,આપણી હોસ્પિટલ આયુર્વેદ સારવાર આપતી હોવાથી કોઈપણ પ્રકારની યોજનાના “કાર્ડ” અહીં ચાલતા નથી - તેમજ આપણે પહેલેથી જ આપણી સારવાર ખુબ ખર્ચાળ પણ નથી રાખી કે જે સામાન્ય માણસને ના પરવડે !
અગાઉથી અપોઈન્ટમેન્ટ લઈને આપ આવી શકો છો, સારવાર વિશે થોડી ઘણી માહિતી આપને રીસેપ્શન પરથી મળી રહેશે પરંતુ આપણે વધારે માહિતીની જરૂર હોય કે રિપોર્ટ્સ બતાવવા હોય તો અમારા ચિકિત્સકને મળવા માટે OPD ચાર્જ ચૂકવવાનો રહેશે.

This section includes self-written experiences and real stories of cancer survivors.

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Mission CancerhopeIndia is a ray of hope for cancer victims Dr Anilkesar is a renowned name in the field of palliative and rehabilitative care of cancer, he launched the Mission CancerhopeIndia to support cancer victims.
Mission CancerhopeIndia is a ray of hope for cancer victims Dr Anilkesar is a renowned name in the field of palliative and rehabilitative care of cancer, he launched the Mission CancerhopeIndia to support cancer victims.

Cow urine possesses Anti cancer activities.


As per the research paper published in the International Journal of Cow Science, 1(2): 1-25, submitted to Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar by K. Dharma, R.S. Chauhan and Lokesh Singhal

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